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The Meditation Collection: Perfect salon candle by LUNA LONDON (3 scent options)

The Meditation Collection: Perfect salon candle by LUNA LONDON (3 scent options)

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These aren't just any candles; these candles are wanted by people all over the country, so popular that even the world's most luxurious department store (Harrods) stocks them and we think they will fit right in at your salon.

Meet Luna London: Candles Made in the UK, Cruelty-free, Hand-poured, Women-owned, Not on amazon. 

✔️40hrs burn time
✔️Highly Scented (10% Fragrance Load vs. 2% Industry Standard)
✔️Comes in a beautifully foiled box


We came across these wonderful creations when we were looking for candles for our own Central London salon and as Christmas gifts. We first saw these at Harrods, and this is when we bought a few to try and completely fell in love with the scents. 

These look beautiful used as an interior decor item in your salon; they smell lovely and provide about 40 hours of burn time. 30 minutes of burn fills the whole room with a dreamy scent, and your clients will be admiring your exquisite taste in candles. 

About the fragrance

Calm Candle (bring peace and content)
Settle deeply into a haze of coziness with the Calm Candle. Let notes of amber and vanilla blanket you in its warmth, whilst a comforting blend of musk, lavender, and jasmine envelopes you, creating a sanctuary of serenity.

Dispel Candle (clear negative energy)
Our Dispel candle is infused with powerful quartz crystal and a spellbinding scent with nuances of delicate citrus notes combined with spices to create a modern air of intrigue. A sandalwood box opens to reveal the sensual warmth of softwoods, mosses, and a shimmer of soft florals.

Self Love Candle (you are a queen)
Invite in long luxurious inhales and mellow down into the wilderness of deep floral notes comprising of peony, rose, and oud. This deliciously indulgent candle will help you sink into a deeply relaxing state.

Relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw. As you strike a match and light your candle, watch a warm glow develop and transform your surroundings into a magical haven, observe beautiful amethyst glint, and glimmer from the golden glow of a flickering flame. Enchant the intention inscribed on the candle to bring you peace and tranquility. Allow yourself to take this necessary time out for yourself, to reset and recharge, so you can go on spreading your light and love with the world.

Easy wash with warm water to reuse the candle jar after the last burn.

Enjoy! I think you'll thank us for this discovery.

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