Step One 

First of all, if you want to make sure that what you do, lasts well and looks good, one of the easiest ways to prep your brow canvas is by using Everlasting juicy wipes.

This only takes few seconds, but makes all the difference as your brow stain will glide evenly and brow hairs will absorb any tint you apply effectively. I found this to be the quickest, easiest way to avoid any product not taking or having patchy results. 

Step Two 

Brow lamination is a fairly new service, but one I already cannot live without. This step makes the eyebrows appear fuller, healthier and overall better shaped. Transform unruly, difficult, shapeless, thin brows into something out of a fashion magazine. How much you do is up to you. Results can be dramatic or just barely there, but be warned; your clients will be completely addicted to your magic hands! 

I’m using Elleebana Profusion 2 step lash and brow lamination system.

Step Three 

What speeds this whole process up, is that Elleebana lash and brow lamination system allows for you to tint the brows using Profusion tints as you are setting them with your neutralising lotion! It saves tons of time, but please note, this will not achieve intense brow stain, if you are after the maximum colour boost, I’d choose to tint separately or better yet, use henna. 

If you’re anything like me and hate cleaning brushes after tinting service or just want to provide most hygienic experience to your clients, use B-Kate disposable duo angled brow brushes.

Pro Tip

Whenever, I’m tinting brows with, henna or profusion brow tints, detail is the core of my work. I could not achieve this without brow tips, that are savers in so many situations. Clean up your shape, use them to create hair stroke effect in between the hairs, sharpen your post service make-up application and reach for one whenever quick, detailed corrections are needed.

Step Four 

Another time and nerve saver are water wipes! We have packs of these coming from amazon on subscription basis, because they come in handy in so many services. Lash extensions, brow grooming, permanent makeup, facials and pretty much most things you do in salon could use these 99% water wipes. They are soft and large, well soaked, but not dripping, I seriously cannot imagine my everyday professional life without these. In this instance I use them to remove step 1 and later step 2 of brow lamination and tint. 

Step Five

Now shape those brows, I prefer threading, but you may have your own favourite! Threading removes all hairs including facial hairs and leaves brows looking sharp. Just remember that less is more! 

Step Six 

For best eyebrow grooming scissors, try B-Kate, they are some of the most sturdy and sharp I have come across. They are easy to hold and let’s face it, they also look cute on your work table.

Trim any long hairs, out of shape hairs and help them mould into the final look. 

Step Seven 

That final touch and out of the salon feeling is added by B-Kate Brow puff. Without this it would be like leaving hairdresser without hair styling products that help keep the salon look in place. So what does it do? Makes brows appear fuller, allows you to make any final perfecting adjustments and completes the whole look. Use with brow puff brush and wet the tips of the bristles before getting some brow puff.

Optional Step

This step is optional and I only offer it to clients if they are going out after or perhaps straight into work. Add colour using B-Kate pigmented brow paste and definition by Everlasting brow concealer and highlighter.

I make sure to blend the concealer and highlighter using disposable applicator.