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Are you ready to elevate your skills and dominate the world of lash extensions? Look no further. Our comprehensive education program is designed to empower aspiring lash technicians and seasoned professionals alike with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel in the industry.

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  • Outstanding Products

    Professional products created with lash technicians in mind. High quality, vegan and cruelty free lashes, lash adhesives and tools for working with clients. 

  • Quality Education

    When training with us  you will receive the most current knowledge to succeed in the industry. From theory to hands-on practice.

  • Never-ending support

    Once you join the Black Lashes Pro gang, you are one of us, and you will gain access to the knowledge of all of our Black Lashes Pro geeks worldwide, to ask questions and get support.

our finest qualities

9 Key Black Lashes Pro Benefits

Black Lashes Pro Education

In a classroom with lash geeks

State of art education with the Black Lashes Pro team will set you up for success. 

◦ Courses run across the USA, UK & Europe

◦ Accredited courses

◦ 70p complete lashing manual

◦ Full lashing kit to get you started

◦ BLP Lash technician diploma

◦ Lash-extension Theory

◦ Hands-on practice on a live model

Black Lashes Training Kit

When you train with us this is what you get:

Kendall Lashes
Elsa Lashes
Gigi Lashes 
Lash Cleanser 
Siesta Pouches
Creamy remover
Remedy Primer
Cleansing Brushes

We come from London, UK

But our community is world wide

The best lashes that are available globally

Based in the heart of Europe

The Black Lashes Pro gained popularity with quality products, edgy image and high quality training. 🤩 Currently Black Lashes Pro products are distributed worldwide and you are lucky to have landed on our Black Lashes Pro page in the UK. We are the official BLP distributor in England and are proud to offer you the official Black Lashes Pro training and products. 💕

Train with us and gain a new Lashing family!

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We Innovate

For You To Stay On The Top

  • Our educators attend courses and conferences on regular basis to know the latest innovations in the industry to pass on to their students.
  • Black Lashes Pro Educators are also students and never stop learning & practicing. 
  • We test, try and sample new products to improve those of our own. 
  • Research is behind all of our products and curriculum, we only do what works 
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