Do Your Brows Like a Pro

My name is Kintija and I am the co-founder of multiple lash & brow brands known across the globe.

My brown & lash journey began over 10 years ago, so I thought to create something for you to care for your brows like a pro.

Brow Grooming Step-by-Step

Step One 

Condition your brows for healthy brow hair growth & skin.
Brow dandruff, flakey skin are both becoming increasingly common, however, those are easily avoidable with good care.Moisturise your brow area just like you would rest of your face. It is effortless with B-Kate roll on pure caster oil (aka miracle oil). 

Our recommendation: Roll the oil generously before going to sleep.

Step Two 

Probably one of the simplest, most effective eyebrow grooming tips out there! And you know it, but do you do it? It only takes a second. Every morning give your brows a brush with a spoolie, it shapes your brows into place and even if you have no time to apply make up, it makes all the difference.


Step Three 

Nothing is worse than a stray hair out of shape ruining your whole make up look. Keep tweezers nearby and get rid of any unwanted hairs in between your professional eyebrow grooming service. Tweeze only when absolutely essential, for styling visit a salon to ensure your brows compliment your face and remain in their best form.

Remember, although eyebrow styles change throughout the years, one thing is for sure, full eyebrows are always in fashion! 

Step Four 

If you want to give your brows that perfect shape and colour, for day look we recommend using either light eyebrow powder or pencil to achieve this. One of the most valuable tings we have learned when using pencil, is that less is more. With pencil you can achieve soft lines in your brows, that resemble real hair. Always support your hand on your face and glide the pencil lightly over the brows, focus on sparse areas. I cannot stress this enough, you really got to have a light hand! Occasionally one or two strokes will be darker than intended, for this reason pick eyebrow pencil with a brush on the opposite end, use it to soften the look and blend.

Our Recommendation: Match the pencil colour to your brow hair tone as that way you will be able to achieve the most seamless look.

Step Five

Now to really make all the difference, do not underestimate the power of brow concealer and highlighter. Use over the brow bone, it instantly lifts your brows and makes you look more awake. Blend gently with finger, brush or q-tip.

Step Six 

For me, no look is complete without eyebrow gel. Brows that grow downwards, are unruly or just messy will not reach their full potential without something holding them in place. Personally, I prefer clear eyebrow gels that do not add shine or colour. I find tinted gels make the brows look too harsh and not all clear gels are the same! 

Our Recommendation: Brush your hairs up and slightly to the side for most flattering look.

Jumbo highlighter and concealer pencils are fantastic for travel and for use all over the face. It is one product I do not travel without. I can conceal spots or any redness and use highlighter in the corners of my eyes, cheekbones and just above my lip cupid bow. It’s the easiest no make up look and one of the most versatile beauty products.”