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Ever Soothe Aftercare Wipes pack of 14

Ever Soothe Aftercare Wipes pack of 14

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Specifically created for the PMU&Microblading industry, these wipes will ensure your work heals to it's fullest potential, while keeping the area nourished and clean.

Ever Soothe wipes are soaked with quality ingredients to aid healing and promote faster skin recovery after permanent make up or any other invasive procedure.

Helping to get rid of any impurities and ensuring your treated area remains clear of potentially dangerous pollutants. Designed for twice daily use, suitable for use immediately post procedure.

✓Lavender helps to reduce the post treatment inflammation and assist your skin in the healing process by soothing it and providing antibacterial protection.
✓Neroli helps to relieve the pain, reduces irritation and itchiness, kick starts the regenerative process of the skin and further helps with its antiseptic properties.
✓Damask Rose is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that keep your skin healthy on a daily basis, it also has strong moisturising and anti-aging properties, ensuring that your skin looks good on the outside and feels great on the inside.
✓Vegan and not tested on animals.

These wipes have multiple uses besides the perfect healing assistant for your clients brows, eyes and lips. You can also use them during travel to refresh your skin and keep it hydrated, use post tattoos and even prior and post any waxing procedures. Individually wrapped towelettes stay sterile and can be taken with you anywhere. Only the highest quality ingredients were used in these wipes and thoroughly tested to ensure they do not react with sensitive skin.

Use twice a day, morning and evening, by gently patting the wipe on your freshly done PMU. The purpose of Ever-Soothe is to remove any dust, dirt, grease and sweat and allow the skin to heal quicker. Avoid rubbing too vigorously as that can cause damage to your permanent make up. Your wipe is also amazing for soothing the rest of the face, so once you are done with the PMU area, you can use the remaining of the wipe to give your face and neck a refreshing cleanse.

For best healing result use Ever-Nourish wipes after.

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