Simple Steps to Become the Ultimate Boss Babe

Simple Steps to Become the Ultimate Boss Babe

Isn’t today’s world an exciting one to live in?

With the growth of technology and everything else adapting around us means that new and exciting opportunities are continuously arising! Opportunities that were not there when your parents were growing up might I add.

Yes, it can be a whirlwind, but it has also opened the door for you to take charge of your life and live the way you’d like, by doing the things you want, with little people telling you otherwise. Today ladies, everyone can be a #bossbabe. Yes, even you.

When you hear the word boss babe what do you think? The new age millennial that has taken over the internet? Well yes you are right! But the title boss babe isn’t only reserved for the business owners and entrepreneurs, it is also a title given to the amazing women that take charge of their life, who go for what they want and not let anything dampen their beliefs. The gardeners, the cleaners, the PMU artists, the Lash Geeks, the beauty therapists, retail workers, waitresses, your mothers, sisters and grandmothers.

Everyone has the potential to be a boss babe, and everyone IS a boss babe. The point that I am trying to make is that it is now time for everyone to realise it. How? By following these simple steps:

  1. CONFIDENCE: When you master the art of confidence then nothing can get in your way. Being confident in your ideas and opinions, confident to get up and try again when you fail, and embrace these failures knowing they are one step closer to success are traits of a strong willed and driven person. Also don’t forget that like-attracts-like, so when you are confident and happy in your own skin, nothing will hinder your drive and you’ll notice the world around you changing, and the people you will then come across will be confident and happy around you.
  1. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Be responsible for your strengths, your weaknesses, your success and your failures. Admitting to yourself when you have done something right is easy! When you’ve made a mistake? Not so much… That’s why this step is an important one. Yes, it can be hard because of the vulnerability it may cause you feeling silly or embarrassed, but this will only last a fraction of the time compared to the embarrassment of being constantly caught out. In the end this will make you more respected, and a lot stronger and knowledgeable at what you’re good at, what you need to work on and how to admit to yourself when things need to change. Hard step but again very important!
  1. BE PRESENT: This is what can get you very far or not far at all. Communicate with everyone. Talk to everyone. LISTEN. Be present and give people your time – you never know who you will meet or what advice you may receive. Think of networking without the business focus and just giving people your time. This doesn’t mean you need to drain yourself to please everyone else (No! definitely have time to yourself!) But being present means they will be more available to you when you may need them. Reaching out, putting in an effort and meeting new people is in fact a great kindness to yourself and to them. It is a trait that is sort after in every work place, every scenario, and in a successful boss babe.
  1. NO COMPARISONS: Every journey is different, you know it, I know it, but we compare anyway? Well STOP! Though we may have the same idea of what we want, it will not be exactly the same as another’s. This means that in order to be the best boss babe you can be, you need to realise you are a unique individual. Unique individuals have unique stories, unique stories that cannot be compared to anyone else’s. THEREFORE, I want you to stop trying to be like someone else, copy others work, compare your progress to another’s, because you are not them. In fact, I know 100% that you are more you than anyone else will ever be.
  1. GET ORGANISED: This step is straight forward, but sometimes hard to do. Like dishes! Simple, but you put them off because you’re tired or can’t be bothered or you know you’ll get around to it eventually. Maybe some people work like this, but not a boss babe. Organisation, planning and being productive ensures time management goes smoothly, work gets done and you feel you are making the most of your time. Spontaneity is of course always welcomed, but if you know you have the time to change things up, then I can guarantee the relaxation and joy you will feel doing something new rather than feeling regret, will be immense! Get organised and own it girl!
  1. And finally, DRESS THE PART: Everyone knows that feeling when you look good you feel good right? To be a boss babe you need to look the part – present yourself well. Remember when you were a child playing dress ups with your friends, and when you put on that pirate costume, that fairy outfit, that sailors’ hat, you instantly became that character. It hasn’t changed now that you’re older, instead you are dressing up to show your confidence, sophistication and power. You are dressing the part of the ultimate #bossbabe.

Simple steps to get you started – some easier said than done, but nothing in this world is easy right? Being a boss babe means you continually learn, try new things, expose yourself to new challenges and embrace the failures. If anything, take that as the most important step. Growth, adaptation and change are all parts of this everchanging world, and it’s up to us to make the most of this new modern society.

Take these steps and become who you are meant to be, an ultimate #BOSSBABE

Karla Lyford xx



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