New Year, New you??

New Year, New you??


It’s 2019! And whether you like it or not the new year has snuck upon us at full speed, and you know what that means… the entire population is setting unrealistic goals, and only a small select few (I’d take a wild guess of only maybe 1%? is that too excessive?) actually continue to work on these goals after the 2nd week of January...

Yes. I know. We’ve all been there, but why? Why is it more common to give up on our goals rather than staying motivated?

Actually, I think I’d like to take this in a new direction, lets change this blog from why cant we, to HOW can we continue our goals and up this self-created statistic of 1% to 100%!

(See what I did there…)

And thus, my friends is how our 2019 Everlasting Brows new year blog post has changed from NEW YEAR NEW YOU? Too…



  1. Set Goals! (the right kind of goals):

Now we’ve been taught this from young – What do you want to be in life? How well do you want to do in this test? What do you want to achieve from A, B and C?

So, you’d think its second nature? WRONG!

It’s second nature to ‘want’ and have a goal, idea or vision of the end result. But what isn’t second nature is the little steps, the journey and the procedures that seem insignificant in the long run.

 And if you haven’t realised by now, no steps are insignificant no matter how small, short and unimportant. I’d say they are the MOST important to our success this new year, so this is what I want you to do:

  • Set a small and simple goal to achieve every single day.

Or, (because I know every person and their schedule is different) if it’s better to do it every 2nd or 3rd day then so be it. But the more consistent the better!

It is normal to think you need to live by the common knowledge of challenging yourself – which is true to an extent, but isn’t our overall goal challenging enough?

Why push yourself like crazy making unrealistic goals from the get go when you can work at it and make small and achievable goals every single day that break down the challenging walls of the final result. Take steps not leaps – and I can promise, you will stay on the motivated band wagon for 2019.

Need help to get you started? For example, think ‘what can I do today to make myself feel better?’ I will have 2 glasses of water every morning because I do not drink enough water. This will then contribute to my overall health and thus make me fitter.

Now its your turn… Think of the smallest thing you can do that will make you become more fulfilled.

  1. Only tell a select few – if that’s even necessary

This day and age with social media constantly surrounding us, it is almost expected of you to post your entire life on your Facebook profile, Instagram feed or twitter. It’s even a way for those long-distance family and friends that you hardly speak too to stay up to date on what’s going on in your life. And by all means it’s a great way to update them, especially in terms of travel and special events, but do they really need to know your future goals and plans?

Here is why you should keep it to yourself (at least while you’re starting)

  • This moment is for you and you only. It is no one else’s business what you are doing for yourself and that is the plain and simple truth. By keeping your goal and new year plan to yourself and only a select few around you, it can stay yours for that while longer and you can go about it however you want without other people telling you it should be done this or that way.

Don’t you agree that something feels so indescribably special when only a select few people know something? It’s like you’re part of an exclusive VIP club. Well, let that exclusive sensation drive you and let others on the outside figure it out when they see results – If it is recognition you are wanting then think of this, it’s much more surprising finding out something for the first time by the results you see in front of you rather than waiting for those results to happen! Think about the times you’ve experienced this – whether a friend you haven’t seen for a while has lost a huge amount of weight, or is suddenly 8 months pregnant or even someone that has started their own business and the word has travelled around.

Personal goals aren’t for the observers, they are for yourself.

  1. Keep Everything - and I mean everything!

I’m not talking about becoming a hoarder in 2019 and not getting rid of your ripped t-shirts that you never liked in the first place, in case you’re suddenly having to prepare for a zombie dress up party that you know will never happen, and if it did you’d go and buy a totally new outfit to rip up anyway… (true story).

No. Don’t be that person.

What I mean is keep every single bit of your progress in relation to your goal:

  • Keep that very first item that you wrote your idea on, or that very first picture that you saw that made your mind explode with the ideas. Keep every single practise paper that would potentially show progress or the development (even if it is slight) of what you’re working towards.
  • Take footage! Whether your goal is to lose weight, learn a new skill, learn a new beauty treatment or start your own business – take photos and videos from the time you first started and get into the habit. Even though this sounds daunting and when you take the pictures you may not see any progress – I can almost 100% guarantee that a few months down the track if you look at the first picture you took to now, that motivation and spark you originally had will come flooding back when you realise how much you have achieved in that short amount of time.

And last but definitely not least – actually I’d say this would be the most important:

  1. It’s is normal to have bad days…

It is incredibly normal to have those days where you are unmotivated, don’t want to do it anymore, find it pointless and just want to give up. You are not the only one – that is why I am writing this blog! But it is the difference between the people that fall into this path and continue to walk it, and those that realise they had a bad day, acknowledge it, forgive it, thank it for the lesson, and get back up again.

This is where everything you have read above comes into action and is the most challenging yet rewarding part of this process.

  1. The small goals every day will help you get back on track – There is no goal too small if it makes you feel better about yourself and what you are doing
  1. If little people know your goals, then little people will know your down days and the easier it will be to get back on track without feeling guilty you haven’t lived up to people’s expectations, or that you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve by this point in time because everyone thought you would.
    Nope, none of that will hinder your progress and you can bounce back up at your own pace with a calm mind.
  1. And lastly – here it is again, remember those photos you took, that video you saw the other day, that piece of paper that is hidden at the back of your dresser – pull them out and look at that motivated and ambitious person and see how far you have come. Like I said, this is guaranteed to put that spark back into your step.

So go forth and make 2019 one of the best ones yet – following these easy steps you’re not going to think why cant I, instead you will be motivated to keep finding ways to push yourself through and continue on your path to greatness past the 2nd week of January…

I cant wait to see all of your results xx

Happy New Year!

Karla Lyford.



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