Meet EMMY CLAYTON CELEBRITY Lash Tech That Is Taking Over London

Meet EMMY CLAYTON CELEBRITY Lash Tech That Is Taking Over London


At Elleebana, we love to champion our incredibly talented artists and love to hear their amazing success stories! To celebrate International Women’s Day we spoke to Emmy Clayton, Celebrity Lash & Brow Artist and Founder of Emmy Creates in London, UK who has been dubbed ‘The Lash Tech That Is Taking Over London’, due to her incredible work.

From following her dreams to go to the London College of Beauty Therapy at the age of 17 to adorning the lashes of Hollywood Actresses, YouTubers, Supermodels, Musicians, Fashion Designers, Directors, Makeup Artists and Influencers to having her work featured in global make-up campaigns and glossy magazines, Emmy shares her remarkable career journey and discusses how training with Elleebana was completely essential for her knowledge and career growth in the Lash Lift industry. Emmy also shares her ambitious plans for the future and the importance of investing in education, skills, and being business savvy!
What did you do before you entered the Lash & Brow Industry
My beauty journey began when I was 17, at the London College of Beauty Therapy, where I trained as a Beauty Therapist for two years, with my main focus on nails and becoming a successful manicurist. During my time as a manicurist, I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside renowned brands at PR and influencer events, as well as assist on fashion, editorial and commercial shoots. I had the privilege of manicuring the nails of models (even a Victoria's Secret model!), beauty journalists, and influencers. 
What inspired you to become a Lash & Brow Artist?
Despite my love for the nail industry, I always had a fascination with lashes & brows and the transformative power they hold. Back in 2008 (when I started my beauty training), lash perming was not widely popular, and the products available lacked the innovation we see today. However, over the past five years, the lash industry has experienced huge growth, bringing many innovations that have allowed me to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results.
I began to delve into the lash world again starting with extensions where I found myself unsatisfied with the look, feel, and maintenance costs, which didn’t align with my vision of low maintenance beauty. I knew there had to be a better way to achieve great lashes. 
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How long have you been working in the Lash & Brow Industry?
Since leaving beauty school I have consistently performed brow treatments. I stumbled upon the advancements of lash lifting in early 2018, when I came across a lash lifting kit at my local beauty wholesalers. Eager to explore the potential, I persuaded my friend to give it a try and when we saw the results it was like I had discovered my true calling. With my ADHD/ASD-driven focus and passion, I became completely absorbed in the art of creating perfect lash lifts.
What training courses did you undertake with Elleebana and how has it benefited your career?
Back in 2018, I started with the Elleebana Lash Lift course, learning the fundamentals of using these innovative products has been completely essential for my knowledge and growth of my career.

All rights reserved by Emmy Clayton
What do you love about your job? How many Lash Lifts do you undertake per day?
I love the combination of science, art and the social element of my work. The people I meet daily are incredibly inspiring, which motivates me to take my career to the next level in creativity. On average I lift between 7-10 sets of lashes a day. 
Which celebrities have you worked with? 
My clients range from Hollywood actresses, YouTubers, supermodels, musicians, fashion designers, directors, makeup artists and influencers. I don’t post all my clients on social media to respect their privacy and trust, but knowing my work has been on some of Hollywood's most famous actresses is an incredible feeling. The fact they even knew my work or I existed are huge pinch-me moments. My regular Celebrity Clients include Sophie Habboo, Jamie Laing, Melissa Tattam, Ruby Adler, Chloe Meadows, Therica Wilson-Read, Kate Hutchins, Chloe Rose, Nubya Garcia and Yazmin Lacey. 
Emmy's work for Boots Campaign
Lash lift with mascara for Boots Campaign by Emmy

What has been your key career highlight?
In 2020, my expertise and contributions to the beauty industry caught the attention of The Stack World, who recognised me as one of the "Beauty Pros Defining the Future of Beauty." As 2021 came to a close, Verge Magazine, put the spotlight on my achievements, dubbing me "The Lash Tech That Is Taking Over London." These recognitions have inspired and motivated me to push boundaries and make a lasting impact in the world of beauty. Since then, my lash lifts have appeared on global makeup campaigns for YSL beauty, NYX and L’Oréal.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
I love being able to travel and see the world as authentically as possible. I want to continue developing and building relationships with all the incredible brands I work with and be in a position where I have the freedom to continue doing so from anywhere in the world. I’m not quite sure what that will look like yet, but I believe if I continue creating what I love that will lead me to where I am meant to be.
What is the best career advice you can give to new artists entering the Lash & Brow industry?
Knowledge and passion is everything, I practised on my friends for a year before I took on any paying clients. Invest in your education and skills continuously. Don’t be consumed by social media and what everyone else is doing, do exactly what is right for you and finally make sure you consider all your business costs, including your wages, sick pay, pension & savings.
Lash lift and mascara by Emmy Clayton
A talented and ambitious Celebrity Lash & Brow Artist, Emmy proves that with hard work, knowledge and a passion for what you believe in, you can push boundaries, make a lasting impact in the world of beauty and fulfil your dreams.

View Emmy’s incredible work @emmycreatesldn

Interview by Faye Hone/ Peak PR Results
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