Learn about all the ELLEEBANA Latest Product Releases

Learn about all the ELLEEBANA Latest Product Releases

If you are a busy artist like myself, you might have found it challenging to follow all the latest Elleebana product releases, but don't despair as we will cover all you need to know about the newest products and 'what is what' in this short blog.

You can now purchase your Elleebana one-shot lash lift and Elleeplex Profusion lash and brow lamination systems in individual packs. You may have already come across using more of one or the other product, and since the lift and set packs have always been mixed, you'd sometimes end up with an uneven number of solutions in one package. To help battle this inconvenience and keep your creativity flowing, we are now releasing individual packs of lift-only lotions and set-only lotions for both Elleebana one-shot lash lift and Elleeplex Profusion lash and brow lamination.
*The mixed packages containing both; lift and set lotions will still be fully available in packs of 5 and 10.

Capable of taming even the most stubborn and unruly eyebrows on normal, oily, and combination skin types. No greasy appearance, just beautifully set eyebrows. You can expect to use Elleefix immediately post an eyebrow service to complete the salon look and additionally offer this product as a home care item for your clients post eyebrow lamination.
Fixing brow styling products have been trendy for at least ten years and come in the form of eyebrow mascaras, setting gels, wax, and even cream versions. Saying that, this wax has been one of our favourite formulations as it is easy to use for both dramatic and natural styles.
Our latest intelligence also tells us that you can use Elleefix for lifting lashes onto the rods instead of a glue!!

Here I'm cheating a little; this is not a new release by Elleebana; it has been around for a while, but it never got the celebrity red carpet release it is entitled to. It's one of those things we take for granted but that are imperative during a service. These pre-cut brow lamination wraps help the lotion process while keeping the hairs down in the desired shape. The size of each wrap is 42mm, and it would be enough for 25 services (using one wrap per brow).

I don't think you missed this release. It is one of the most exciting releases this year. How about not having to glue down your lifting rods onto your client's eyelids? You can be sure that it will speed up the service, to begin with, increase client comfort, and make the post-service cleanup effortless. If you haven't tried these yet and if there is one thing you'd like to try, this is the sign you've been waiting for. Elleebana flex rods come in a mixed pack of sizes (S, M, L, XL).

Released last year, the tree tool is helping you create those perfect lifts. You can expect your tree tool to be firm, without extensive flex, while offering a longer and more defined comb to increase accuracy and evenly spaced definition to provide a neat and flawless lash lift. But that is not it; a unique rod & shield measuring markers on one side of the arm are there to help take the guesswork out of lifting while cutting down on application time. Please note that while these tools are fantastic for lash lifts, they are not suitable for brow lamination as they can irritate the skin.

One of our best-selling products early this year got a formulation upgrade. The reformulation of ReGEN was to continue to offer conditioning, moisture-boosting, hair strengthening product that we love, but have it formulated to be combined within the service to save salons' time. You can now combine Elleebana ReGen in a multitude of ways: with Elleeplex lash lift and brow lamination lotions to feed the lashes during the setting stage, during a lash and brow tint with Elleeplex tints, as a standalone service post any of your lash and brow services with other brands and finally, after the lash extension service to reinject lust back into those hairs.

Released just a few days ago: The Precision Lifter tool has been designed with superior workmanship, and showcases 16 fine tooth Japanese stainless-steel combs to allow for meticulous separation of all lashes, including even fine lashes.  The capability of more defined layer separation is achievable due to the deeper set grooves within the luxury combing tool. Elegant handle design built from high quality composite with a dual-purpose precision isolator this intelligent tool is cleverly balanced to give the lash artist, comfort, control and a commanding experience.  
The Precision lifter tool is compatible with HLD (High Level Disinfectant) systems for ease of decontamination. Eco friendly materials have been used to manufacture this tool and another considered benefit of this tool is that it is completely recyclable.

Is there anything else exciting in the pipeline? I bet you; our intelligence tells us that Elleebana has more releases in store this year!

By Kintija Belska/ Elleebana EU Representative
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