Kickstart Your Business After Pandemic

Kickstart Your Business After Pandemic

Our Dear Lash & Brow beauty artists,

We want all of us to do well. Your success is also a success for us. Therefore, we would like to help you a little with new client gathering post lockdown, so please check these few steps below and sent the link to your beauty friends who might benefit from it.



Network - It might seem very obvious, however, we know that during these crazy times it might have been a little difficult to network with people. Therefore, network with people on social media, local Facebook groups, Instagram and beauty forums. Be sure to give advice to your existing clients on how to look after their lashes, brows whilst they are waiting for your appointment.


Advertise - Please do advertise and be clear with your prices and service details. Use your best service photos to do so. Make sure your targeting is created and set on point. You can advertise for free either in beauty forums online or Facebook groups. You also have the option to create paid google ads, paid social ads or boosted social posts.

Post on your Feed-  Post high quality & valuable content. To do this, think about your clients, who they are, what they like and what they would like to learn from you. When posting it is important to captivate their attention. Choose the best before & after shots of your service. Create posts with beauty tips (you are an expert after all). This will keep your existing clients engaged and might even attract new ones.


Leave comments - SOCIALmedia, the keyword here is social. Please comment and engage with peoples posts and answer to comments when they are left under your content. This way you might attract someone's attention and bring them back to your profile where they will learn about your services and might even book one.


Post Stories - Post stories every day - talk about the products you use, post your current or past services, beauty tips etc. Also, please be sure to use your location tags & #tags.


Referral Program- Create a small referral program to motivate your existing clients to bring their friends and family members. Offer a small discount or another perk to your clients for every booking made from their referral.


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