How to Perform the Perfect Brow Lamination treatment with Elleebana

How to Perform the Perfect Brow Lamination treatment with Elleebana

Seen on A-list celebrities and models on runway at Fashion Week, brow lamination is one of the most popular brow treatment trends for 2022. It is has already been making waves on social media, with brow lamination being the most popular beauty trend on TikTok in 2021

Here Kintija Belska, International Brow Expert shares her Top Tips on How to Perform the Perfect Brow Lamination treatment with Elleebana and discusses this year’s most sought-after brow trend that is taking the internet by storm.


Brow lamination seems to be the hot topic of this season, and we have recently come across many peculiar statements concerning this professional salon procedure. Make what you will of them:

A couple of weeks ago, one successful model and a reality TV star told me that 'Brow lamination helps models get jobs'. Of course, it is no secret that immaculate looks sell, but to single out brow lamination as one of the dominating procedures for models was no surprise to me. Given that eyebrows play a significant role in one's face, they are bound to attract attention when they are exceptionally groomed.

On a separate note, I spoke to a Salon Owner who had trained in brow lamination and was reluctant to offer it as a salon service (despite loving the treatment herself), because of the bad experiences her clients shared having their brows done by other brand artists. So she decided to let the dust "settle" before bringing it on officially. No need to say; I was shocked at such a statement and wanted to learn more. I found out that it is not uncommon to experience some unwanted results post brow lamination (most common being overprocessing, irritated skin and even patches in the brow shape). I wanted to tackle these immediately in an educational blog. 

How to achieve the perfect brow lamination has been a topic that has been raised substantially on our social media and emails. We are inundated by the interest in what makes a good brow lift and how to avoid overprocessing. I, therefore, turned to Google and found that it’s not just us, Google's "Year In Search" showed that brow lamination was among one top beauty searches in the UK, as high amount of people are interested in how to perform a brow lamination treatment.

As experts in the field and having performed brow lamination long before brow lamination was a thing, we decided to compile our top 8 tips to perform this service seamlessly. Please note, that these are expert tips only and will not be helpful or suitable for those trying to achieve the treatment at home.

1. Skin prep is a major factor

It's also quite intricate as the service itself can be drying for the hair but especially the skin, so it's crucial to prepare the skin without overdrying it and prepare the hair additionally by stripping some sebum from those hairs. We recommend using an oil-free cleanser (Elleebana Brow Shampoo is fantastic) for the skin and eyebrows and as an additional step, running a q-tip lightly soaked in isopropyl alcohol over the hairs only to help lift those natural skin oils on the hair. This way, you have achieved the best amount of prep for the skin and the hair for those perfect results.

2. Your products will make or break the procedure

I can give you some of the world's best tips, but if you'll be using them in conjunction with products that are setting you up to fail, then there isn't much I, or you, can do in this matter. Professional beauty products are not all the same, and I have personally found brow lamination products to be especially volatile in terms of results. And trust me, I have tried a lot, as it's one of my favourite services.

Try the products on yourself, it may take weeks or months to test, but you are likely to come to some eureka moments that will change your brow lamination services. If you don't have weeks and months in testing, then take advice from me and the thousands of artists worldwide trusting Elleebana. Along with the right products and these tips, I see your brow lamination services growing in popularity.


3. It's all about various timings

When I start the brow lamination service, I'm wary of the fact that some people may be sensitive to the products. Note, I don't mean allergic, but sensitive where their skin in the brow area may blush gently during the procedure or harmlessly tingle. I have found that clients who have these mild sensitivities are also the clients who may develop some skin dryness a few days post the procedure. Therefore, for the best results and happy clients, we treat every client as if they could potentially be a sensitive client. 

To avoid this as much as possible, I begin with my perming lotion being applied on the hair only; I start by using it mainly on the middle of the brow. Here you'll find most of the hair, as well as where the thickest and the healthiest hairs, are located. Not all hairs will indeed need the same processing time, so start in the middle, and leave the lotion on for 25% of your processing time. Don't worry about setting the hairs in place just yet, as first we need to break the bonds, and you can even go against the hair growth to cover the hairs as at this stage, the key is concentrating the product over the eyebrow hairs. Once the time has passed, spread the brow lamination product over the remaining brow hairs (front, top, bottom, and tails) for another 25% of processing time. Still focusing on the hair and not pushing the product down on the skin just yet. Please ensure to wipe off any excess product around the skin as soon as you see it.

Finally, use your tool of choice to press the hairs onto the skin. This way, we will cover the hairs that grow below and start setting a shape by arranging them into place. Now apply cling film and leave for another 50% of your processing time. 


4. Less is more

During the process, I ensure that the hairs are well covered but not soaking in the product, paying attention to any excess around the eyebrow hair area is cleaned off not to irritate the skin unnecessarily. The correct amount will not only perform the job perfectly well, but will avoid potential overprocessing, overdrying, or even worse, eyebrow hair loss (not seen with Elleebana products). 


5. Be ready to go

Once the processing time is over for the first brow, remove the product quickly. As you do so, ensure the hairs are in the position that you want them to be, as the setting lotion will restore the bonds and seal the hairs' new structure. Before applying neutraliser, make sure to go over with a damp cotton bud to ensure the perm action is stopped. You're now ready to apply the setting lotion quickly, covering the area well, but without disturbing the perfect hair position. Dabbing the product does the job typically. 

6. Clean well

At the end of the procedure, remove the setting lotion with a dry cotton bud and then use plenty of wet cotton rounds to stop the product from working. We even recommend gently going against the hair growth a couple of times to remove all the product between the hairs. Any leftover product that won't be visible to our eyes but will continue working and potentially cause overprocessing. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure this doesn't happen.

7. Tint with products that will reinject the moisture and nourishment your brows needs the most.

For this reason, there is no substitute for the profusion tints. You can add 1/8th of ReGen into the tint mixture to restore the hair's quality while tinting (an absolute game changer). ProFusion tints are also gentle enough not to dry the hair further. Saying that, don't expect that intense skin stain as these products are also kind to the skin without over-irritating it post brow lamination. If tinting is unnecessary, it is recommended to apply ReGen on its own to complete the service.

8. Moisturise the eyebrow area post the service using an oil-free moisturiser.

Finally, my last expert tip is one that I have noticed making the most difference to my own eyebrows and the eyebrows of my clients. Moisturise the eyebrow area post the service using an oil-free moisturiser. Your clients can start doing that as early as 4 hours post the service if they suffer from skin dryness and 12+ hours if they have normal skin. Once a day is plenty and doesn't need to be done after 7 days post-treatment, as by then, the skin should already be producing enough natural oils to nourish the area. It makes all the difference in keeping the area well looked after and glowing. 

Both endurance and slight alteration to your service technique will ensure you achieve the results of your dreams. 

Now I'm waiting to see your perfect eyebrow lamination results. If you're an artist that uses our products and want to be noticed, tag @everlastingatelier and @elleebanaeurope in all your posts for a chance to have your work reshared or becoming our brand ambassador! 

By Kintija Belska
EverlastingAtelier Co-Director

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