ELLEEBANA Correct Storage

ELLEEBANA Correct Storage

  Elleebana Correct storage 

Along with your applications, the storage of your lash lifting sachets is paramount for achieving drop dead gorgeous lifts every time.

Think about your salon or professional space, do you know what temperature your workspace gets too when your not there ?
How can we be certain our sachets are ok when we are not there to control the temperature and humidity of our rooms?

There is a simple and easy fix to ensuring our sachets are kept at optimal temperatures and they are not compromised in anyway.

Our sachets are single use sachets that require temperatures above 4 degrees C (39.2 degrees F) and below 24 degrees C (75.2 degrees F)

Recommended storage for our sachets are best to be kept in the door of the fridge to keep the temperature at a steady optimum range.

✨ Hot tip 

These sachets are loaded with so much lotion. That you can actually get 2 lifts out of the 1 sachet.
So let’s try our best to use every bit of that lotion.
One way is to organise 2 lash lifts in side by side appointment time slots. (Bring a friend special)
Alternatively the sachet can be placed in a zip lock bag in the fridge and used on another client within 24hours of opening.

Still have some sachet left? That’s ok 😉

How about we use the open sachet after the 24hour mark for up to 3 weeks for patch testing only.
And let’s patch test EVERYONE of our clients.
Our facial clients our pedicure clients, whilst they’re getting another treatment done we can patch test them to use up our sachets and save us patch testing them in a couple of weeks ❤️

By @elleebana

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