Belmacil VS Elleeplex Profusion Lash & Brow Tints

Belmacil VS Elleeplex Profusion Lash & Brow Tints

Now that the newcomer has arrived; we find a lot of our clients inquiring if Belmacil is much different from the new Elleeplex ProFusion Lash and Brow tints by Elleebana. Without further ado, let’s compare these two fantastic products side by side. 


Both are Swiss made and just like Swiss-made watches, you can expect both Belmacil and Elleeplex tints to work like a charm. 


Fun fact; Belmacil is Elleebana’s sister company and therefore both companies operate with utmost integrity and professionalism.



In our opinion here the ball is in Elleeplex’s court. As the name suggests, it is a synergistic system that can be combined in a multitude of ways to provide an abundance of benefits. You can combine Elleeplex profusion tints with the Next-Gen ReGen (food for healthy lashes and brows), as well as combine lash and brow lamination with tinting and save time! Tried, tested and fully supported by the manufacturer. 


Colour choice

At the first glance, it may seem like Belmacil is winning with 11 colour choices, however, in our opinion, the Elleeplex Profusion is a simplified version with the most essential colours present (black, blue-black, deep brown, light brown, honey brown, graphite, auburn and violet).

Belmacil offers extra green, red and blonde tints.



What is unique about the Elleeplex ProFusion Lash and Brow Tinting system is that there is a 2% oxidant instead of the 3%. This is to fall in line with the EU standards for tinting products, for use around the eye area. You will find absolutely no difference with Elleeplex oxidant percentage decrease from Belmacil range, as the product works brilliantly and has the longevity of colour and brilliance that you have come to expect.


Price point

Both compete at a similar price point. Elleeplex comes at 50 pence more per tube in the UK.


Must haves

Belmacil range is more demanding when it comes to achieving the perfect brown, as to create a beautiful brow tone for most clients you require dark brown and honey brown shade. Dark brown on its own is too dark for the majority of clientele, therefore honey brown is needed to break it down, warm it up and manage it. No matter how long you leave dark brown on for its own, it always ends up too dark. Therefore our favourite mix with Belmacil’s tints for brows is 1/3 dark brown, 1/3 honey brown and 1/3 light brown. It would create the most beautiful tone. 

Light brown on its own is also stunning, but to develop into deep light brown, you have to leave it for a considerable amount of time (At least 15-20 minutes)

Elleeplex’s Profusion tints do not have this challenge as deep brown is already developed with added warmth. This means you will not need to modify and you can comfortably use it on its own. Leave between 5-10 minutes depending on the depth of the tone you wish to achieve. 

We would still recommend light brown also, as it is extremely popular and you will find yourself reaching out for it a lot. This will open up artistic opportunity to mix the deep brown with light brown for more brown tone possibilities. Have some fun and play around! 

For lashes, blue-black is most popular for both Belmacil and Elleeplex Profusion tints.

So although Belmacil is 50 pence cheaper per tube, you will find that you need to buy more tubes to achieve the perfect brown tone. 


Applications per tube

Both Belmacil and Elleeplex ProFusion tints carry 100+ applications per 20ml tube. Little goes a long way, is our advice when handling these, a pea-sized amount is normally enough for both brows or eyelashes.



If you like things looking pretty on your working trolley, then for us Elleeplex Profusion tint packaging wins this one with a sleek, up-to-date design. The black and gold foil on the box exhibits modern professionalism. Whilst Belmacil is more clean and clinical design.



Is extremely similar, after all, made by sister companies. Saying that possibilities with Elleeplex formulation outweigh those of Belmacil’s and overall Elleeplex Profusion could be regarded as the “healthier” system due to added benefits of NextGen Re-Gen. This line has been created to work in synergy with Elleebana’s other formulations, making it more versatile in a salon environment. 



This is a close call, but we have to crown Elleeplex Profusion tints as the winners for quality, style, formulation, possibilities and value when it comes to salon eyelash and eyebrow tinting products.

By Kintija Belska/ Brow Artist of 14 years and Elleebana Europe Representative

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