The Best Business Women Awards have announced their finalists for 2021 and amongst the amazing line up of incredible business women, you’ll find Monika and I, the Elleebana Europe Directors, nominated for not one, but TWO categories: 1. Best Consumer Product and 2. Best Business!

Pushing through the pandemic, Monika and I continued to drive our businesses forwards, and I cannot begin to tell you how many challenges we came across, but knowing how difficult this period was for everyone, something tells me I don’t even need to. Therefore the nominations are welcomed with gratitude and excitement especially when the process of eligibility has been incredibly selective. The awards judges were impressed with the creativity, tenacity, and great business acumen demonstrated in the finalists selected. The Best Business Women Awards are designed to recognise the achievement of women across a wide range industries and not just beauty or permanent make up.

Debbie Gilbert, organiser of The Best Business Women Awards said "The 7th year of these prestigious awards has proved to be the most challenging for business owners worldwide. The entries were judged by a panel of business experts who had a tough job reading hundreds of entries. To be a finalist in this competition is a major achievement and a mark of quality. All our finalists either win a Silver or Gold Award, and are shining examples of being successful entrepreneurs who have proved their success to our judges."

In the light of the nominations, I had a flood of energy rush through me, I could only explain it as an inspiration I got from everything we have gone through to get here. I got hyped up by the journey which I so often neglected to reflect on, suddenly I had a burst of positive reflections, as if nothing negative has ever happened. I wanted to share some of the reflections with you, strongest being YOU, the reader! During my Beauty & Permanent Make up career I had the honour to work with many inspirational women and men, and even propelled some of them to reach new heights within their own careers. I got into the beauty industry by chance, but stayed due to a strong belief and confidence that this is my place where I can make a difference. Knowing your purpose and your calling is imperative to leaving a legacy you’re proud of. This is something that has helped me, my business partner, and my team, to excel at education, product supply and services in beauty industry.

I don’t think anyone ever sets a goal to inspire, and if they do, then it is quite likely they fail, because inspiration can never be the end goal, it is something that is achieved as you pursue your journey. Inspiration is a by-product of your initiative, determination, goals and actions. When my business partner and I started our business, we didn’t set out to become an inspiration, but we did set out to change the permanent make up and beauty industry in the only way we knew we could - with better education and better products. Throughout our journey as business women we started coming across more and more women (and some men) choosing our education & products, because they wanted to learn how to cultivate the same techniques to become successful in their own businesses. Without even realising, they too were becoming beacons of light for many new and aspiring artists.

While you may be busy going through your daily life, and possibly even doubting yourself, there is someone out there looking up to your success. Being nominated for these incredible awards has opened a fresh perspective for me, a new vision that I plan to translate into actions, which will create further positive change. It is a domino effect that we have on each other. We get inspired from people around us, positive situations, art, music, social media, books, love and creativity, in turn we tend to use this exhilarating energy to create a new inspiration that may become someone else’s path to success. Don’t be too busy to value your journey and celebrate your milestones. If you find that to be the case why not make a promise right now, to stop, look back and appreciate the road you have travelled, for it has raised you to become your best possible self today. I also invite you to take an action towards your passion and calling that may well become someone elses' inspiration tomorrow.

We will reveal the results of the awards on 15th of October as soon as we know! Keep an eye on @elleebanaeurope instagram account and on my personal account @kintija_beautypreneur

By Kintija Belska
Everlasting Brows Director

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