Affordable salon Interior design ideas for any and every space

Affordable salon Interior design ideas for any and every space

Salon interior design can make a lasting impression on your clients. It is not always just about the service you provide, however exceptional they may be. It is about the fragrance, a smile, the welcome, visual delight, inspiration, and the overall feeling your clients get when they visit your salon and, most importantly, what do they think about it when they leave.

Picture your favourite hotel, what do you remember the most?

The comfort and visual inspiration perhaps? It may be nothing like your home, but you feel at home, even if just for a couple of days. If a hotel can evoke these sensations in their guests, then they are sure to remain busy for years to come. This may also be the secret to the salon that is always alive and humming. Why wouldn't they be? Suppose they tick the boxes of quality of treatments and customer service provided but additionally imprint a memory of visual ease and sensual delight. In that case, all other places pale in comparison (sorry).
You don't always need to spend a fortune, and you most definitely do not need to take on pricey interior designer services to create that pop that will make your clients flock. Let us help!

Our interest in the interior and worldwide travels have fuelled us to create our picks of affordable items that any salon can use to add ambiance, build trust, and a sense of retreat to their space.
Trust that items don't just look good; eye candies don't fool us. We have been careful to source women-owned creations, that are not on amazon, and products that go in line with ethical business running. We have especially taken time to support many local UK producers and back companies on our shores.
These aren't just any salon items, every product has a story of how it got here, and we are proud of every unique appearance that makes our store shortlist. Explore now while knowing that every item is produced in small batches.

Don't be surprised when you get compliments for your exquisite taste! We won't take the credit; you found these treasures all by yourself, just head to our interior design section.
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